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Windows 11 reinstated its free ripping software, the Optiarc AD-5290S is the perfect ODD to read the CD’s you want to rip. 2022-09-09
Sales of music CD’s have increased the last 5 years, showing the format is both relevant and necessary. 2022-09-02
Optical Disc Drives show Sci-Fi blurs the lines between functional and decorative. 2022-07-01
Have an Offset Printer and want to be able to print on shiny silver top CD’s, OPTODISC has the solution 2022-06-06
For Earth Day, lets think about the planet and store more content on optical discs instead of on the Cloud. 2022-04-22
World Backup Day started in 2011, but the meaning is just as important today – Back-up your content! 2022-03-25
It’s critical to protect important files on an extra hard drive to prevent accidental loss 2022-01-21
Best to keep copies of your favorite holiday movies on optical discs, as they are not always available when you want to watch them. 2021-12-30
Samsung shutting down their cloud service, once again showing how important it is to have a physical backup of your digital content 2021-09-03
Vinpower provides a solution to one of our most common customer questions, “How can I make a mix audio/compilation CD?” 2021-08-13
Vinpower carries multiple lines of exclusive highly rated professional grade optical disc drives for the duplication market! 2021-07-16
When your Internet Service Provider sets data limits on your internet usage, using Optical Discs to archive large files gives you flexibility and saves money! 2021-05-28
Plexdisc line of Digital Audio CD-R now available for greater music recording 2021-05-07
Digital Audio CD-R are better for recording Music/Audio compared to standard CD-R 2021-04-16