Press Release
When your Internet Service Provider sets data limits on your internet usage, using Optical Discs to archive large files gives you flexibility and saves money!
Recently, we had a customer leave a 5 star comment about our Plexdisc Blu-ray media. This is not uncommon as our Plexdisc BD-R has an overwhelming number of positive ratings across many online retailers. What was unique to this particular reviewer was the reason they gave for the 5 star rating. Rather than paraphrase, I’ll share the exact quote: “Not a bad value for a combined total of around 600GB worth of data to offload baggage that might be taking too much hard drive space, but you’re reluctant to delete since American ISP’s subjugate you with their data caps if you choose to redownload things instead of keeping archivals or backups.”
When I looked into this further, I realized many internet service providers (ISP’s) have implemented data caps in how much data each household could use each month. With more people working from home after the pandemic, this has created a problem for those that are on more restrictive plans as they have to manage between the amount of data used for work and pleasure or even what items are worth keeping to enjoy later what can be jettisoned to make more space and use less bandwidth. The same notion applies to space on each individuals hard drive(s) as well. The more we work from home, the more content we are holding on to in our hard drives.
That’s why Vinpower’s line of OPTODISC Blu-ray media, such as Plexdisc, Optical Quantum, and others make a great archival backup solution that allow users to save capacity on their hard drives and data usage when they don’t have to continuously download files from the cloud. Not only are optical discs much more cost effective, there are no reoccurring costs like the cloud or paying for overages.
Next time you’re debating whether you need to increase your ISP data plan or increase your hard drive, save some money and frustration by offloading that digital content onto Vinpower’s OPTODISC Blu-ray media.