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About Optiarc
Optiarc products were developed specifically for the professional digital content market. 
    1. Offering an array of product lines focused on digital content and developed to work in conjunction with a wide range of hardware.  These products include duplication hardware, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, servers, and many other electronic storage devices.

The Optiarc product line was established to meet a growing and frequently underserved marketplace, the professional and discriminating digital duplication market. Over the years, many digital media manufacturers have focused more on reducing costs, which has come at the expense of quality. Instead, Optiarc focused on improving the quality while still maintaining affordability for the consumers. Additionally, Optiarc maintains a consistency in quality and performance across every line produced to ensure that the reliability and consistency.

Vinpower Digital incorporated its own technology into the Optiarc product lines, in terms of how to produce greater compatibility, consistency, and reliability. Instead of overhauling the method in manufacturing, Vinpower helped devise how to focus creating the highest compatibility and reliability when used in either high volume large production or simple sporadic application. These advances were created through Vinpower's extensive technological experience in the field of digital storage and duplication hardware and their cooperation with high profile manufacturers in the field.

Our Focus

Become the leading supplier of digital storage platforms as well as the global leading manufacturer of digital duplication equipment, media and peripherals. We plan on achieving this goal by providing the highest quality and most reliable products combined with excellent customer service and affordable pricing worldwide. With offices in the USA (Corporate HQ), Taiwan, and China, as well as distribution channels around the world, we can meet the demands and pricing expected in a rapidly expanding global market.