Press Release
Sales of music CD’s have increased the last 5 years, showing the format is both relevant and necessary.
There’s something to be said about nostalgia, but that’s not the only thing fueling the increase in both CD sales volumes and revenues. There are those that cling to older technology because they don’t like change, or a younger generation enjoying the music of their parents or grandparents. Yet, research has shown there are other factors contributing to the CD resurgence and why it’s not just a fad, but a sustainable reality. As you can clearly see from the following link to the Recording Industry Association of America, (RIAA),, sales of CD’s have increased year over year for the 1st time since 2004. So why the revitalized CD push and how does it affect you?
Firstly, with the boom of vinyl records, owning tangible music content, rather than just streaming, became cool again. However, the scarcity of vinyl and the exponentially higher price of vinyl compared to CD’s is pushing music lovers back to CD’s. Next, digital content has a clear and crisp sound that gives us what the artists truly intended us to hear when we listen. Plus, CD’s can hold more content on a single side, so there’s no flipping the disc over like an album or cassette. Then, there’s a big push of fandom to own tangible effects of their favorite artists. These keepsakes give the holder ownership of something related to the artist, much like a poster or T-Shirt.
That’s where the increase in CD sales comes back to benefit the duplicator, wholesaler, or even content creator. Touring artists, especially independent artists, make a sizeable amount of their income from merch at concerts. Some of that merch is of course the artist or bands CD’s, which is typically not included in the RIAA sales figures, so it’s an uncalculated revenue stream. However, many duplication/replication companies that make these discs for the artists have seen sizable increases in CD audio duplication/manufacturing. If you’re in the business to sell CD’s, duplicators, or accessories around these items, it shows there’s still a viable business to be had and Vinpower is your one stop shop to support you with all the media, hardware, and services you need.